Services :TMC can meet specific requirements of a high number of companies in several industrial and service fields due to its organized structure.

One of the services offered to customers is the TMC calibration centre recognized by NABL for calibration of Mechanical Gauges.

TMC puts at your disposal their fast and efficient after sales service so that you can get maximum economic profit from your investment, from the first day of installation for the years to come.

TMC can also guide you on your quality needs through its application experts for selection of the right instrument for your quality checks.

TMC now offers inspection facilities for your components at its Lab in Pune on world class equipments.

Calibration Lab :One of the services offered to customers is the TMC Calibration Centre which is located at Pune. TMC Laboratory is accredited under ISO 17025 by NABL for calibration of mechanical gauges which includes taper thread ring and plug gauges, height gauges, surface finish master etc. TMC is also approved Lab for ON SITE Calibration of Profile Projectors, CMM, Granite and Cast Iron Base Plates etc. TMC uses the best equipment available for calibration hence ensuring low uncertainty of measurements.
Testing Facilities :TMC provides testing facilities to the industry in the field of metrology and metallurgy. The Lab is equipped with the latest technology equipments from leading suppliers in the world having Class I Accuracy. Facilities include testing on Hexagon Make Three Coordinate Measuring Machines, Hommelwerke Make Surface and Contour Measuring Machine, Starrett Profile Projector and Non-Contact Vision System, Microrep Universal Length Measuring Machine, Future-Tech Make Rockwell, Micro Vickers Hardness Tester, Koba Slip Gauge Set etc. The inspection is done by well trained technician who have many years of experience in application and testing.TMC now also provides CUSTOMIZED TRAINING at its Laboratory at Pune and for details please visit our Training section.